Friday, 4 November 2011

Kaun hai aakhir V I P ?



02-08-2008 13:37:14
Never before in the history of mankind were we forced to endure the hardships that we encounter today in our day-to-day life.And this is despite all technological advancements and luxuries that a man has at his disposal. One doesn't have to be an expert at rocket science to decipher what is wrong. Just look around and it will be clear to you. The values are disintegrating and the morals are declining. This is on the social front. What about terrorism,corruption,global warming,environmental degradation and other more pressing issues of our times? The work being done in the name of overcoming all problems is simply pathetic. These policy makers make me want to laugh or is it 'Cry'. A poem  'VIP' was born. ( Read the post dtd. 18th Oct. 2011 )
So what does a man do in such a bleak scenario? Don't fret and frown. JUST STAY CALM. Work on your own personality. Emerge stronger out of all crises.Don't panic. Don't allow your own life to go to dogs. Hold the reins of your own life firmly so that you always travel on the right path and in the right direction. Do your own little bit to make this world a better place in which to live.

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