Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tha Magic of Colours

magic of colours   

03-08-2008 14:20:33

had no clue whatsoever that the idea-fairy would visit me so early in the
morning. From my experience I know that she has this habit of coming at the
strangest of hours
of late she's been missing in the mornings. It was still 5:30 and the weather
was extremely pleasant. It had drizzled last night and it was still overcast so
there was no dew on the grass and on the leaves and flowers of my garden. I
looked at the sky and savoured the multi-coloured sky. Multi might appear
ironical here as the only colour on display was

in different hues. You gotta see it to believe it. Same thing I have observed in
green colour
while climbing the mountains or travelling through them. So many different types
of greens. I have been up in the Arawalis in Rajasthan where it is mostly rocky,
and in the Garo,Khasi and the Jayantia Hills of the North-East. I have travelled
on the long and winding roads of Kashmir- seen Gulmarg,Baramulla,Dras and
Kargil. I have been down South too , and I live on the foothills of Shivaliks
here in the North.The blue colour in its different shades is almost same
everywhere.That's the way the sky has to be you may say. But this colour green
amazes me. In one small area of a forest or a mountain you will come across
trees displaying leaves with  different types of greens.  
it is not just the GREEN or the BLUE which behaves in this fashion. Try looking
at the setting sun on a clear day. You will see
playing together. Even the black of a starry silvery night is worth
can now see the sun's rays filtering in through my window.Might have the
glorious sunshine,which is almost always welcome particularly if you've
experienced torrential rains the whole of last fortnight.Bask in

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  1. Mystery of nature... mystery of colors ... we can appreciate only few colors within our range and rest of colors are still beyond our spectrum.... nice description ...